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Creative Living Services operates under a People Centered Philosophy.  We believe in the importance of people.  As an organization, our first commitment is to the people we serve. We value and respect their choices, perspectives, opinions, and dreams.  Within our company, we recognize our similarities while celebrating our differences.  We understand the needs of those we serve, and we provide assistance toward purposeful outcomes.  We give back to our community rather than take from it.  Most importantly, Creative Living Services is a place where everyone can feel they belong.

We are always looking to improve ourselves. If you have ideas how we can make a better product or serve you better, we’d love to hear from you. 

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Creative Living Services is a small, but active, company that provides services for individuals with developmental or cognitive disabilities.  Our highly trained staff delivers homemaker personal care services, medical and non-medical transportation, vocational habilitation, and adult day services.  We work diligently in the execution of individualized plans to help our consumers lead full, rewarding lives.  Creative Living Services is committed to excellence, and we invite you to learn more about our company, staff, and consumers!