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4757 N Summit St. Toledo, OH 43611
Email: creativelivingservice@gmail.com 
Administrative Office: 419.724.4690
Creative Living Services
Adult Day Services &
Vocational Habilitation
Our Adult Day Services provides consumers with an opportunity to socialize, learn, and participate in activities that enhance their daily life. Vocational Habilitation provides these individuals with paid employment for services that give back to the community. Here's a little more about us...
We are a small, but active, company that provides services to adults with developmental disabilities. Our team executes individualized support plans to improve the quality of life for those we serve.
Our Adult Day Services and Vocational Habilitation programs provide paid employment and recreational activities for many of our consumers. The work they do contributes to the betterment of our community! Currently, our consumers make candles, perform document destruction, and offer cleaning services.
Profit from these services pay the individuals performing the tasks, and help fund the recreational activities our Adult Day Services program offers. To make this all possible, we need support from you! With your candle order today, you're making a difference!
We invite you to take advantage of our competitive rates for document destruction and cleaning as well! These services are supervised by trained staff, and we will make sure you're satisfied by the quality of our work.
Please call or e-mail for more information!

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