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4757 N Summit St. Toledo, OH 43611
Email: creativelivingservice@gmail.com 
Administrative Office: 419.724.4690
About Us
Creative Living Services
Our Mission
The mission of Creative Living Services is to provide all individuals with the highest quality care available while maintaining individual dignity. We demonstrate this commitment by:

  • Operating within a people centered philosophy. We believe shared humanity dictates the basis of the relationship between service provider and client, and that the client should take a central role in determining the care they receive;
  • Employing committed staff, providing them with all necessary training to deliver the promises of Creative Living Services;
  • Promoting a work environment that embraces both similarities and differences, respects individuality, and promotes personal and professional growth;
  • Developing relationships with community partners, health care professionals, and other resources to enhance the life experiences of our clients; and
  • Demonstrating social responsibility by giving back to our community.
Our Team
Beth Pownell
Amy Thompson
Assistant Director
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