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  • Perform such tasks as assisting the individual with activities of daily living, personal hygiene, dressing, feeding, transfer, and ambulatory needs or skills development.

  • These services can be provided with State, County and/or Medicaid funding.
  • Used by waiver enrollees solely to access adult day support, vocational habilitation, supported employment enclave,and/or supported employment community services.

  • Provided separate from any home or facility in which an individual resides, focus on non-work activities, and include five components:
  • Services are intensive, ongoing supports that help people to perform work in a regular employment setting, including self-employment.  These services include:
  • Assessment- May be formal or informal, for the purpose of developing an Individual Service Plan (ISP).
  • Personal Care- Includes personal hygiene, eating, communication, mobility, toileting and dressing.
  • Skill reinforcement- Includes implementing behavioral intervention plans and help with the use of communication and mobility devices.
  • Training in Self-Determination- Includes developing self-advocacy skills and acquiring skills that enable an individual to beomce more independent.
  • Recreation and Leisure- Includes supports identified in the ISP that are therapeutic and help to develop and maintain social relationships and family contacts.
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  • Enclave -- provided to individuals who work as a team at a single work-site (community business or industry) with ongoing support provided by on-site staff
  • Community -- provided to individuals who work in an integrated community work setting, along side employees without disabilities, and performing same or similar tasks
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For more information on Supported Living, please contact your local County Board of Developmental Disabilities, or call 419.724.4690.
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